Digital Biothesiometer - VPT

Digital Biothesiometer - VPT
Digital Biothesiometer - VPTDigital Biothesiometer - VPTDigital Biothesiometer - VPTDigital Biothesiometer - VPTDigital Biothesiometer - VPT
CategoriesBlood flow detector and Infrared Therapy
Instrument classificationClass II
CertificateCE and ISO13485
ApplicationGenerative organ sensation
SafetyProduct Safety Authentication
Clinical ApplicationTesting sensory threshold
FOB portTianjin xingang
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Update Time2022/6/30
Detail Information
Digital Biothesiometer - VPT
Quick Details
Model Number
Tianjin, China
CE and ISO13485
Clinical Application
Testing sensory threshold
Generative organ sensation
High risk foot disease screening
Production certificate
Digital Biothesiometer  - Vibrometer VPT

Bio-Thesiometer(VPT) .
The Bio-Thesiometer Diagnostic Apparatus (VPT- I) is an easy-to-use and non-invasive diagnosis of neuropathy. It is consist of the host apparatus and the vibration probe, which could provide local vibration, and with the patient’s reaction to the induction, to auxiliary diagnose the neural induction system diseases.
This apparatus designed to measure the threshold of appreciation of vibration in human subjects simply and accurately.
Work conditions: 
Voltage: AC 220V 50HZ                             Security type: Ⅱ-B.
Input Power:30W                                       Ambient temperature: 0-40°C 
Relative humidity:≤ 80%                            Fuse model:220V 1A

Intended use and structure chart:

The BioThesiometer is used to test the body surface neuropathy vibration perception thresholds,early diagnosis of the diabetics hypoesthesia,peripheral neuropathy perception threshold testing,high-risk foot disease testing,sexual dysfunction diagnosis, deep perception nerve fiber testing.

1. Digital menu board     2. Output indicated light     3. Vibration outlet; 
4. Operate panel             5. Power switch                    6. Output plughole; 
7. Power line plughole    8. Testing handle                  9. Power line.
Button Description of Host Apparatus:

(1)There are four buttons in the host apparatus, From left to right:
1.VPT+ 2. VPT - 3,record 4,start/stop
(2)Functions brief of each button:
1) VPT+: Press the button to increase vibration intensity by 1 during the test. The vibration peak is 50 VPT, and the boot default is 0 VPT
2) VPT-: Press the button to decrease vibration intensity by 1 during the test. The lowest vibration is 0 VPT.
3) Record: Press the button to send current threshold data to computer.
4) Start/Stop: Start or stop vibration output
Main Technical Parameters:
(1)Operating Voltage: Alternating Current (A.C.): 220V Power            Frequency: 50Hz
(2)Input Power: 50W
(3)Fuse Protector Specification: 3F1A, 250V
(4)Vibration circuit voltage range is between 0V-30V, which is continuous adjustable and stepping 0.6V, errorrange of  ±10% .
(5)Vibration frequency of the vibration probe: 50HZ, error range of 1%
(6)The peak amplitude range of vibration probe is between 0μm -25μm, maximumpeak amplitude range of vibration probe is 25μm, error range of ± 10mm.
(7)Net weight of host apparatus: 5kg±0.5kg
(8)Size of host apparatus: 340mmx275mmx100mm, error range of ±10mm
(9)Net weight of testing handle: 0.4kg±0.05kg
(10)Size of testing handle: 170mmx90mmx40mm, error range of ±5mm
(11)Material of testing handle: ABS plastics
(1)Pregnant (including ectopic pregnancy) or patients during breast feeding period
(2)Lactational and pregnant women, hyperpietic and cardiovascular disease patients
(3)Local or systemic bacterial infection of acute period failed to controller
(4)This apparatus is not intended to be used on the cognitive disabilities
(5)The patients with psychosis and neuropathy
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